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“For most people, heartbreak leads only toward paralysis, marathon cushion-cradling crying sessions, or, at best, an uptick in unproductive activities like binge drinking and mucho Xbox-ing. For Bethany Larson, it birthed a musical career.” Rob Van Alstyne – Citypages

“It’s been a banner year for Bethany Larson and the Bee’s Knees, whose charmingly loose-sounding debut release, When We Reach The City, was released to glowing reviews all over town. Fans of twang-inflected country rock in the vein of Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams would be remiss not to catch one of the Twin Cities’ best-kept secrets this Saturday night at the 331 Club. ” – Twin Cities Metro

“Musically, her high-wavering voice recalls Roma Di Luna’s Channy Moon Caselle, while her atmospheric twang-rock shows traces of Neko Case and the Jayhawks.” – Chris Riemenschneider

A Bee’s a buzz for Bethany Larson – CHRIS RIEMENSCHNEIDER, Star Tribune 7/15/11

“You’re just the bee’s knees.” – Youa Vang, Citypages

Weekend Checklist – Youa Vang, Citypages 7/15/11

“A little bit Lucinda Williams with an edge, songs of love and heartbreak both lull and kick up a little dust, with an air of sophistication and familiarity to round things out.” – Kate Iverson/L’etoile

L’etoile Magazine Blog – 7/14/11

“Rising alt. country songstress Bethany Larson will release “When We Reach the City,” her hotly anticipated full-length debut with backing band the Bee’s Knees…” – MetroMix        MetroMix Twin Cities Roll Call-7/13/11.